The “Handelskammer“ (Hamburg Chamber of Commerce)

Nowadays, with the participation of lighting designers and the regulation of the cities, the concept of façade illumination is becoming much aesthetic and precise.
A proper façade illumination not only should look good but it must also follow certain principles such as: Good night-time visibility, security, low maintenance, energy efficiency, low light pollution and low glare among many others. In Hamburg there is a committee which approves the installations for façade illumination in the city. …

Handelskammer 2


One of our projects in regards of façade illumination is the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, also known as “Die Handelskammer Hamburg”. The project was completed in February 2014 and it was developed in cooperation with the office 360 Grad+ Architekten. But besides presenting the final result of the project I would like to briefly expose how the development of our concept was.


1. The concept


To start the conceptual process, the history of the building helped us to define the portal of the building as the area of the façade that would be illuminated. As a reference, we took an analogy of a type of stage from the 16th century called Stage Backdrop or Alleys Stage; following that concept, we extruded the portal in different layers and gave them a different light intensity to create a tri-dimensional feeling and a marked transition between the outside of the building to the inside.



2. The brain storm

brain storming

The second step was a brain storming, our team starting developing ideas to implement the concept in the portal of the building. Several alternatives were created in this phase; the combination of the favourite ones led us to one alternative which would be developed in detail in the further planning process.



3. The first approach

first approach

With the help of lighting software, our team built a 3D model very similar to the existing building. In this phase, two options for luminaires are selected to implement them in the software and start getting precise views of the light output and how the light will behave.



4. The visualization

Handelskammer Hamburg, Lighting Concept. 360 Grad Architektur wi

After having the concept ready, the architects and the office for visualization MOKA-Studio produced very accurate example images to show the client a very precise image of how the lighting concept will be.



5. The mock-up

Mock-up 1Mock-up 2

This is one of the most important phases of the project. The mock-ups indicated us that the chosen luminaires were the appropriate ones and also let us know more in detail how the light interacted with the building. In this project we made several mock-ups with the intention of finding a perfect positioning of the luminaries and what would be the appropriate installation of them.



6. The light setting

light setting

After having the luminaires installed we proceeded with adjusting the intensities of the light, directing the spots and making sure that the installation is theft- and damage- proof.



7. The result

Handelskammer 2

5 months after the initiation of the project, the façade illumination of the Handelskammer is finished. The result was possible through the big effort of the architects, the visualizers, the electricians and the team of Licht01.



8. Thanks

Architects 360Grad+ Architekten
Visualization MOKA studio
Electricians Flatau Elektrotechnik
Foto Blaue Stunde  Sabine Vielmo




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