Radisson RED Brussels

Carlson Rezidor, one of the largest hotel companies in the world, has opened in Brussels the first European hotel of their new and innovative brand Radisson RED. Licht01 was in charge of the development of the lighting design…

a combination of decorative fixtures along the public areas and spotlights created the right atmosphere and an interesting room impression.

The first European Radisson RED Hotel, located within a short distance to the European Parliament in Brussels, redesigns the hotel lifestyle experience with their „ANTI-BEIGE“ concept: „We’ve designed our places and spaces to be bold and eclectic. Bringing art to life in our architecture and throughout the hotel, it’s almost like a sleepover in a gallery.“

Right after entering the big red entrance portal, a cluster of pendant luminaires randomly suspended above the central seating area, to welcome the visitors while creating a modern impression in the entrance lobby. To the right side, instead of meeting rooms there are events and game studios where the lighting can be adjusted either for meeting rooms or leisure spaces.

Strategically positioned spotlights make sure that the comics and illustration on the walls are highlighted so the art from the local artists Wauter, Mannaert and Max de Radigues will not go unnoticed.

The right combination between massive pendant luminaires above the tables and spotlights make sure that the atmosphere in the OUIBar + KTCHN area is pleasant during day time. During night time, the light levels are reduced to set a cosy atmosphere and enjoy the extensive list of cocktails and taste the heart and soul of the city.


Pictures: Radisson RED

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