Radisson Blu Hotel, Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

Radisson Blu Sheremetyevo at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow opened late last year as the only hotel at Sheremetyevo airport directly connected to the passenger terminal via a pedestrian bridge.

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Its prominent position, as well as bold and fresh architecture and interior design have inspired us to create high level custom lighting solutions.

Licht01 has worked closely with Lundwall Architects from Gothenburg to provide the optimal lighting for all public areas in the hotel, including lobby, restaurant, conference area with over 30 meeting rooms, a banquet hall, wellness area, rooftop bar with terrace, as well as lighting of the main entrance façade.

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Such a large scope in a high level hotel demanded developing several bespoke installations, such as chandeliers for lobby and bar and a ceiling structure for the banquet hall, to name a few. Special feature in the double height lobby area is certainly the large custom designed chandelier, which fades from copper at the bottom to silver on top, in order to match both interior schemes of the two connected floors.

Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu chandelier

Following the interior design scheme, with bold colour combinations and metallic accents, Licht01 developed a lighting scheme which would underline those special interior features. The task was to blend into the interior design and at the same time point out the quality of materials and finishes. Our goal was to create different atmospheres in different areas and provide the quality of light that every separate area deserves. This was aided by high quality of specified equipment, as well as control system which allows tuning of the lighting scenes for different times of day or special events.








Lighting Design Licht01
Natasa Rajic
Katja Winkelmann
Juan Rivera


Interior Design Lundwall Architects www.lwa.se

Completion 2014

Fotos Natasha Rajic; Max Smolyar

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