Radisson Blu Hotel Kuwait

After four years of design and building works it finally opened!
In the city of Kuwait the Radisson Hotel located directly at the Persian Gulf has been closed down for a tremendous update. The Hotel has been refurbished inside and outside to create a state of the art luxury and modern hospitality spot. Now open the new hotel is hybrid composition of a reduced modern interior design and sophisticated lighting design. …

radisson blu kuwait-executive lounge outside

It is another project in cooperation with Lundwall architects from Gothenburg. Our team had the task to design lighting for the entrance lobby with reception area, two restaurants and a conference area including pre-function, meeting rooms and a banquet hall, as well as the executive lounge in the 10th floor and the presidential suite.

The Radisson Blu Hotel Kuwait has the advantage of a unique location directly next to the coast of the Persian Gulf, which provided inspiration for developing a state of the art lighting design.

radisson blu kuwait-lobby

The goal was to achieve an atmosphere of openness and freshness, combined with sophisticated and modern features, which will complement the new design of the interior. Our team designed soft and unobtrusive shapes on the ceiling, according to the architecture of the building. These shapes are structuring the ceiling in the entrance lobby area, extending to the reception, and repeating in the buffet area in a slightly simplified form. With this concept, Licht01 tried to bring the architectural language from outside to inside of the building, to complete the interior design.

radisson blu kuwait-reception

radisson blu kuwait-restaurant02

radisson blu kuwait-restaurant01

To underline the concept of the traditional restaurant “Peacock”, Licht01 implemented rich and sophisticated lighting features, which help to create a high value atmosphere. This is particularly showing in the use of materials and colours of the luminaires, which blend in with the interior and at the same time give highlights to certain key points in the restaurant.

radisson blu kuwait-restaurant peacock

The highlight of the project is the executive lounge located on the 10th floor. Thanks to its location, and the high rising roof construction which enables the glass façade to open up, the executive lounge offers spectacular views to the sea.

radisson blu kuwait-executive lounge inside

An extraordinary lighting atmosphere is created by implementing abstract rolling wave lines as ceiling coves where LED lines are hidden. Sparkling glass elements are added for a more intimate atmosphere in which way they complement the high value lighting setup. However, the elements of artificial lighting are not trying to compete with natural light settings. The very best natural scene, the sunset, is supported by the discreet lighting in the interior, so that the guests can fully enjoy this breathtaking moment.

In this way, with its many variables and a sophisticated high quality execution, the lighting is meeting the expectations of the guests of this prime location.

radisson blu kuwait neu


Interior Design Lundwall Architects www.lwa.se
Outdoor Lighting Design by Kevan Shaw
Completion 2013
Fotos Rezidor Hotel Group





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