Radisson Blu Hotel Alushta on the southern coast of Crimea

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Alushta, Ukraine, is located at the Black Sea, on the southeast coast of Crimea peninsula.

The project was done in cooperation with Lundwall Architects, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our common goal was to give this newly built four-star hotel a fresh and modern interior design, incorporating highest quality lighting with an unusual twist. radisson blu alushta-lobby bar


The scope of areas for which Licht01 was asked to provide their services, included the entrance lobby with the adjoining bar and reception area, two restaurants and a conference area including pre-function space, meeting rooms and a banquet hall.

radisson blu alushta-restaurant

This project required a refined spectrum of lighting features, in order to accomplish a feeling of relaxation and welcoming. By using sophisticated lighting controls for individual setup of these features, it was possible to create different moods in certain areas. These moods vary from daily fresh and bright to evening cozy and warm, which increases the feeling of being in a guest-oriented, vibrant and exclusive space.

To achieve a high quality lighting atmosphere with optimal energy efficiency, our team combined various lighting solutions, seamlessly integrated in the interior or as independent lighting features, custom designed for this project. Correspondingly, the light sources vary between conventional ones, like halogen spotlights with optimal colour temperature and colour rendering, and modern LED luminaires with high energy efficiency.

Interior Design Lundwall Architects, Gothenburg Sweden, www.lwa.se
Completion 2013

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