Once upon a time, there was a train so German that it departed 15 minutes earlier. An adventure that has to be told.

Our story began after PLDC 2013, last Sunday 3rd of November around 15:30 when we realized that the train which was supposed to drive us home from Copenhagen departed earlier than scheduled. Ironically we realized that the train was so “German” that it departed 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, leaving not only us but also other people complaining at the service point of Copenhagen central station. …New title black and white 2

But the adventure really started at the moment that the BDS customer service employee gave us vouchers so we could take a taxi and pursue to Rodbyhavn where we would catch the ferry and hopefully continue the journey as planned. Given the “ferry challenge”, each taxi took 4 persons with the hope of arriving in time to catch the ferry. In the rush for leaving the central station promptly, our Licht01 crew had to split in two taxis with the conviction that 160Km later our return journey to home will be as planned.

However one should not count the chickens before they are hatched. It turned out that only one of the taxis of the Licht01 crew managed to arrive in time to catch the ferry. The other taxi (a Volkswagen) had to park on the side of the highway after 80km of driving because the car suddenly started beeping while showing the sign of: “Attention, Transmission overheated! Please stop the car immediately” And our hopes of reaching home on time disappeared all at once.


Of course the adventure does not stop here, the two lucky that managed to reach the ferry had the train tickets with them, not forgetting to mention that only after almost 2 hours of waiting, the new taxi arrived, picked us up and the journey continued knowing that after all that anything could happen. Fortunately we arrived on time to catch a ferry named “Deutschland” and succeeded to cross the Baltic Sea from Danish land and take the first of two regional trains in German territory to finally return home.

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After that, it all went easily. Approximately 2 hours after disembarking the ferry, we arrived to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof; Just a few minutes before midnight and after several small naps from time to time, we laughed together for the last time, reminding ourselves that a very German train departed earlier than expected and made us take a German brand car which got overheated in the middle of the highway that led us to take a ferry called Deutschland which sailed us across the Baltic Sea… In other words, it was a very German adventure.

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