Light Setting at Ülemiste Shopping Centre in Tallinn, Estonia.

The newly expansion project of the existing Ülemiste Shopping Center has recently open its doors and the team of Licht01 went on site to do the lighting setup. …

Ülemiste 002

The largest shopping centre in Estonia extended it facilities with an architectural design of the Estonian firm EA Reng and the interior design from the office JOON Projekt. The project, with around 160 stores, offers a great combination of shopping brands and great places for leisure and rest inside the building.

Ülemiste 001

The team of Licht01 was in charge of enhancing the architecture of the shopping centre. As main feature, luminous light fields with changing colour temperature provide a comfortable illumination in the areas with direct connection to natural light

Ülemiste 004

The illuminations of the mall consists of two lighting components: first, wide beam downlights to provide sufficient general illumination in the malls and, second, narrow beam downlights mounted in a way that a curved line of spots of light is created in the floor which, in the same time, makes a connection line between key points inside the building.

Ülemiste 003

5 Different destination points with a variety of conceptual themes such as flowers, water, stones and trees enhance the atmosphere of the shopping centre putting together stylish spaces with interactive features for the guest of the mall.

Project development Linstow International (

Architecture EA Reng (

Interior Design JOONPROJEKT (

Lighting Design LICHT01 (

Fotos: Juan Rivera Licht01

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