BAG2GO – a seamless Journey

BAG2GO ist eine Tochterfirma des Rimowa Konzerns, die das smart tagging System im Luftfahrtbetrieb etablieren soll. Smart tagging Technology heißt, dass der Koffer selbst über ein Display verfügt und der Fluggast den Koffer zuhause einchecken kann und diesen dann nur noch am Flughafen abgibt. …

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Once upon a time, there was a train so German that it departed 15 minutes earlier. An adventure that has to be told.

Our story began after PLDC 2013, last Sunday 3rd of November around 15:30 when we realized that the train which was supposed to drive us home from Copenhagen departed earlier than scheduled. Ironically we realized that the train was so “German” that it departed 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, leaving not only us but also other people complaining at the service point of Copenhagen central station. …

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Stockholm in the morning

at the moment, means today, the sun rises in Stockholm at 7:46 in the morning and sets at 17:17 – that means there are 9hours 31min and 44 seconds of daylight. Compared to Hamburg, where we have sunrise at 8:03 and sunset at 18:05, Stockholm has 30 minutes and 38 seconds less daylight.