Radisson RED Brussels

Carlson Rezidor, one of the largest hotel companies in the world, has opened in Brussels the first European hotel of their new and innovative brand Radisson RED. Licht01 was in charge of the development of the lighting design… Weiterlesen


HAMBURG 17:36 ist eine offene Plattform zum Internationalen Jahr des Lichts. Vom 18. – 21. Februar 2015 gibt es Ausstellungen und offene Ateliers im ganzen Stadtgebiet, die im Zeichen des Lichts stehen. Wir sind dabei! ….


The “Handelskammer“ (Hamburg Chamber of Commerce)

Nowadays, with the participation of lighting designers and the regulation of the cities, the concept of façade illumination is becoming much aesthetic and precise.
A proper façade illumination not only should look good but it must also follow certain principles such as: Good night-time visibility, security, low maintenance, energy efficiency, low light pollution and low glare among many others. In Hamburg there is a committee which approves the installations for façade illumination in the city. …


Once upon a time, there was a train so German that it departed 15 minutes earlier. An adventure that has to be told.

Our story began after PLDC 2013, last Sunday 3rd of November around 15:30 when we realized that the train which was supposed to drive us home from Copenhagen departed earlier than scheduled. Ironically we realized that the train was so “German” that it departed 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, leaving not only us but also other people complaining at the service point of Copenhagen central station. … Weiterlesen

Glowing plants: will they substitute outdoor lighting fixtures?

Scientists in California, USA, are well on their way of creating a plant, that by the concept of bioluminescence, they say could be the future of outdoor lighting. The core team of “Glowing Plant” launched a campaign on the website www.kickstarter.com to raise funds for their innovative project and in early June 2013 they collected its funded goal of $484,000 USD necessary to print the needed DNA sequences and insert them into a small flowering plant member of the mustard family. But as WOW as it sounds, is it a cool idea or a terrible one? Weiterlesen

Fattening Darkness: The dark side of artificial light.

When it comes to weight management, the timing of dining is pivotal, at least in rodents, food proved especially fattening when consumed at the wrong time of day, according to a study made by the Ohio State University in Columbus.As nocturnal animals, mice normally play and forage at night, often in complete darkness. With even dim chronic illumination of their night time environment, the animals’ hormonal dinner bells rang at the wrong time.Therefore, the mice began eating most of their chow during what should have been their rest period. The result: They fattened up and developed diminished blood-sugar control.  Weiterlesen