5 things you should have done @ PLDC 2013 in Copenhagen

Off we go!
On the 30th of October we started a trip to Copenhagen, the exciting urban source of Danish culture and design, and, as we will find out during our stay there, a source of adventure.00_1

What we learned and experienced is hard to translate into a simple linear blog story. Those of you who have been there will probably agree, and those who were not there, well… These are the things you should have (or could have) experienced:


1.  Lectures

An impressive number of lectures and activities made it often too hard to decide between different topics. This of course gave everyone a chance to learn something new (in some cases raising questions of how little we actually know about light).01_101_2


2.  Keeping in touch

The fact that from the first moment on you start seeing familiar faces, shaking hands and smiling back to people you know about, you have met before or are good friends with, proves that the lighting design community is one of a kind. If you missed the chance to meet up with your classmates or catch up with old colleagues, or gossip with the person sitting next to you, you haven’t really been at PLDC.02_102_2


3.  The city

True, we all hardly had time for sightseeing or experiencing the real Copenhagen vibe, but we all got a feeling of what it is. At least once you must have been in danger of getting run over by a bicycle, at least once it rained heavily over you, and you must have heard the words like “mermaid” or “Christmas beer”.03_103_2IMG_3080


4.  Parties

After a hard day of lecturing and debating on the hot topics of lighting design, there was an equally impressive number of parties to enjoy, all set in interesting and fun venues, with most extraordinary topics and designs.

At Licht01, we are especially proud of our dusty colleague, who won the first prize in “Freeing his colour” at the party on Friday. Congratulations, Juan!


The closing event on Saturday was according to everyone’s expectations – grand and elegant. Well, as long as we remember. (: For most of us, it was a closing of a great event, which left us looking forward to the next lighting design event.



5.  Traveling

Even traveling to Copenhagen is a surprise and adventure, at least for those of us who traveled by train. But, more about this you will read in our next blog post. So stay tuned… (;



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