Radisson Blu Hotel Kuwait

After four years of design and building works it finally opened!
In the city of Kuwait the Radisson Hotel located directly at the Persian Gulf has been closed down for a tremendous update. The Hotel has been refurbished inside and outside to create a state of the art luxury and modern hospitality spot. Now open the new hotel is hybrid composition of a reduced modern interior design and sophisticated lighting design. …


Once upon a time, there was a train so German that it departed 15 minutes earlier. An adventure that has to be told.

Our story began after PLDC 2013, last Sunday 3rd of November around 15:30 when we realized that the train which was supposed to drive us home from Copenhagen departed earlier than scheduled. Ironically we realized that the train was so “German” that it departed 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, leaving not only us but also other people complaining at the service point of Copenhagen central station. … Weiterlesen

Radisson Blu Hotel Alushta on the southern coast of Crimea

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Alushta, Ukraine, is located at the Black Sea, on the southeast coast of Crimea peninsula.

The project was done in cooperation with Lundwall Architects, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our common goal was to give this newly built four-star hotel a fresh and modern interior design, incorporating highest quality lighting with an unusual twist. Weiterlesen

Glowing plants: will they substitute outdoor lighting fixtures?

Scientists in California, USA, are well on their way of creating a plant, that by the concept of bioluminescence, they say could be the future of outdoor lighting. The core team of “Glowing Plant” launched a campaign on the website www.kickstarter.com to raise funds for their innovative project and in early June 2013 they collected its funded goal of $484,000 USD necessary to print the needed DNA sequences and insert them into a small flowering plant member of the mustard family. But as WOW as it sounds, is it a cool idea or a terrible one? Weiterlesen

LED relamping with Retrofit lamps in hotels

Hotels all over the world try to keep the energy used for the operation of the hotel – low, lower,  as low as possible. Whilst in existing projects big energy consumers like air conditioning, heating, cooling (not to talk about the really big “wasters” like kitchen equipment) are difficult to change and most of the time too complicated and too expensive, lighting seems to be an easy part to change and to save money immediately. Weiterlesen

Dermatologische Praxis – Umbau und Erweiterung

Die Hautarztpraxis wird durch das Büro SKA Sibylle Kramer Architekten aus Hamburg neu organisiert. Durch die Erweiterung um eine angrenzende Bürofläche im Nachbarbargebäude wurde die Grundfläche fast verdoppelt. Das durchgehende Gestaltungskonzept verbindet die beiden Flächen zu einer Ganzheitlichen Praxisfläche.

0039 Italy store Berlin

Das Label 0039 Italy ist bereits seit 12 Jahren mit hochwertiger Damenmode am Markt und eröffnete im April sein erstes Ladengeschäft in Berlin. Die Lichtplanung unterstützt das architektonische Konzept der Architekten Fuchs Wacker aus Stuttgart. Hierbei werden die wertigen Materialien betont und die Raumkonturen ablesbar.


Historischer Logensaal im Logenhaus Frankfurt Oder

Der Historische Logensaal im Logenhaus der Stiftung Europa Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder) wurde von den Architekten Richter Altmann Jyrch Architects BDA, Cottbus grundsaniert. Im Zuge der Baumaßnahmen wurden wir mit der Lichtplanung für den Logensaal durch das Land Brandenburg beauftragt….